Very superstitious?

Some people believe in bad luck and some do not. I can't really say I believe in all of the superstitions, but I do believe that some days are a lot worse than others. Now I know what you're thinking, I must have cracked a mirror or opened an umbrella inside to have had such... Continue Reading →


College: The Tragic Reality

College is said to be the best years of one's life, right? My first year I definitely wouldn't have thought so, but I suppose without it, I would have never founded, "The Unfortunate Events of Brenna", so maybe that saying is true… Just kidding college ended up being the opposite of what I expected. I... Continue Reading →

Names and Nicknames

Have you ever found your name on a Coke bottle, keychain at a gas station, or even a fancy pen or pencil? Well if you have, I hate you. Just kidding. It just means either your name is so common it makes sense to put it on merchandise or your name is extremely unique and... Continue Reading →

How I became ‘Bad News Brenna’

Hey there blogging world. You're probably wondering why my title is "Bad News Brenna" and why I would want to put myself in a spotlight of humiliation. Well you wouldn't question it if you knew me personally. Let's just say that I have had some of the strangest, most embarrassing experiences in my 19 years... Continue Reading →

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